Planetary: iPhone App Represents Your Music Visually

Planetary (voiceover) from Bloom Studio, Inc. on Vimeo.
Because filmmakers tend to be visual-thinkers, I thought you might be interested in the music-of-the-spheres aesthetics of Planetary, a free iPad app from the data-artists at Bloom, that analyzes your iTunes music library and visualizes it as a 3D galaxy.

With Planetary, artists become stars that form constellations, albums are planets orbiting those stars, and individual tracks are moons that spin around the planets.

My idea for a great new app?

Combine the current functionality of Planetary (i.e., beautiful graphical interface) with the ability to make connections and new music suggestions (like the data-mining music discovery app known as Music Explorer from Coincident) and a searchable music subscription service like Spotify - and music search and discovery on your portable could explore strange new worlds of music...

Music: the final frontier. These are the voyages of you making connections between your current music library and new music. Its an app that helps you seek out new artists and the influences of your favorite artists... To boldly go where no iPhone has gone before...

Blast off.

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