Orly Ravid on The Dynamo Player

Orly Ravid has posted a very informative piece (e.g., tips for using the service, price points, etc.) about the Dynamo Player - a service that many DIY filmmakers are using to facilitate online distribution and revenue collection.

Faithful readers might recall that this isn't the first time Dynamo has been mentioned: Here's a link to an earlier post on this blog about Dynamo.

Basically, a filmmaker uploads their video to Dynamo, sets a price, and then the video can be published anywhere on the web. The filmmaker gets paid every time a user decides to watch.

I like the way the Dynamo Player works with core audience members. If your fans want to share their enthusiasm for your film via social media - they can - and the Dynamo Player is designed to make that sharing easy - while protecting your ability to make money from every user.

Here's how it works: Once your film is uploaded to Dynamo, it can be embedded anywhere on the web. There is no special software to download. That means a fan can post your film to their site with the player embed code, and then let others know about your film using the Twitter and Facebook sharing tools to spread the word. But the filmmaker still gets paid by each viewer. Viewers pay in just a few clicks through (trusted services) PayPal or Amazon.

There are no minimums, no contracts, no up-front fees, and no need to keep advertisers happy. When a viewer decides to watch the film, they must complete a transaction. The filmmaker retains full control over the video’s price and access period.

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