How to Build Discovery and Advocacy into your Transmedia Storytelling

Robert Pratten is working on the two key questions that a storyteller (narrative designer?, transmedia producer?) must address in building an audience for a story: Discovery and Advocacy.

Discovery = How does the audience know you exist?

Advocacy - How do I leverage my fans - getting the existing audience to share their awareness of my story with others?

Robert's Dec. 2nd, 2011 post will help you to break the work of building a New World story (a story that will spread via social media etc.) into its component parts:

"What social actions and conversations do I want to stimulate?

How do I want to engage the audience to produce these social actions?

What storyworld knowledge will they need to engage in this way?

Which characters/locations/things hold this knowledge and how/when will it be revealed? (i.e. the character conflicts & events plus audience interaction with the characters/locations/things)

What’s the impact on the audience when the knowledge it is revealed?

How can I empower the audience and leverage the momentum from the revelation?"

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