Amy Powell Doesn't Make Microbudget Films: Put In Charge of Paramount's Games & Interactive Marketing

According to Reuters, Amy Powell has been named president of Digital Entertainment at Paramount Pictures.

This move is part of the larger restructuring of Paramount. With DVD sales collapsing, Paramount recently put management of their film library and new content for DVDs, TV and online platforms under a new umbrella division - Home Media Distribution. As part of that Sept. 2011 flattening of studio operations, the head of Insurge (Paramount's in-name-only microbudget division), Amy Powell, added a new job - creation of content for digital and online games.

Faithful readers might recall that shortly after Paramount launched Insurge in early 2010 - heralding Amy Powell as the head of a microbudget studio-within-a-studio - I questioned whether any microbudget films would ever be produced by Ms. Powell.

Almost 2 years have passed.

With the exception of The Devil Inside (a low-budget but NOT microbudget horror acquisition that was in the can before Amy Powell took over Insurge) and the decidely big-budget Justin Bieber 3D extravaganza Never Say Never - there is not much to show for Ms. Powell's time at Insurge (e.g., a Twitter account that for almost two years was inactive and a broken link to a promo page).

Now Ms. Powell has been put in charge of more of Paramount's operations, including games and interactive marketing.

Watch the trailers below to see the only known evidence that Insurge actually exists - other than on Amy Powell's business card:

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