"Pay What You Want" as a Business Model

If you expect to make a living releasing your film as a "pay what you want" experience, "you have a hard road ahead of you." Nevertheless, Zachary Knight's Nov. 8th, 2011 post to techdirt.com does provide some guidance for maximizing "pay what you want" revenues. If you're a microbudget filmmaker, the publicity from making your film available "pay what you want" might be worth it

Zachary Knight's article in techdirt.com relies heavily on data from video game creator Joost van Dongen, who made his game Proun available as a "pay what you want" download.

It is indeed rare for an indie creator to release their actual revenue statistics, so anyone thinking about releasing their project as a "pay what you want" experience should scrutinize Joost van Dongen's numbers. I have already sent a thank you tweet to Joost van Dongen.

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