Vodo - Great Peer-to-Peer Distribution Platform or "Complete Joke"?

I haven't blogged about the peer-to-peer video distribution service Vodo in a few years – but I did read about their proposed revenue model back in 2008 and linked to them back then before they launched.

It's clearly time for me to revisit Vodo.

When Ted Hope recently blogged about 27 Distribution platforms or DIWO services (I linked to Ted's post on this blog), he mentioned Vodo as one of two "free peer-to-peer"companies.

In an Aug. 30th, 2011 comment to Ted Hope's blogpost someone named "john d." wrote the following:

"From experience you should know that VoDo is a complete joke. They take forever, 6+ months, to get your movie onto their site. That’s if they even get around to doing it. I’ve had one movie I uploaded 8 months ago and it’s still not on their site. The creators of VoDo are clearly lazy and/or indifferent. Not worth it. It won’t be around in a year."

For another perspective, you can read about a successful campaign that used Vodo. The filmmakers behind Zenith - a film that "had an extensive online transmedia campaign" - and apparently also had a bit-torrent sensibility (a brooding low-budget sci-fi fantasy made to appeal to fans of Memento and 12 Monkeys) were so happy with Vodo that they wrote very positively about the experience on Ted Hope's blog in April of 2011.

Zenith - because of subject matter - was apparently especially well-suited to the peer–to–peer audience that uses Vodo. In the first ten days of Zenith's unique "first 30 minutes online" release (offering the first 30 minutes for free on Vodo, after a traditional theatrical and VOD and DVD release), Zenith had 500,000 free-to-share downloads (of just its first 30 minutes) via Vodo – which apparently led to more than $5000 in audience sponsorship and an increase in hits on the film's website.

I wonder it there are other recommendations or testimonials from users about Vodo.

Thanks to UCF Film MFA candidate Charles Sutter for asking the questions about Vodo that prompted this latest blogpost.

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