New and Compelling Options for DIY Distribution

Ted Hope's blog is an essential resource for New World filmmakers. In addition to his own inspiring posts, Ted frequently asks practitioners to guest post about the latest developments and options in the changing world of distribution.

For example, on Aug. 19th, 2011, Ted asked Sheri Candler to blog about a new distribution service - Prescreen - before it launched. Prescreen plans on curating films and distributing a select few (the plan is to limit their list to 60 active films) via a daily email to an opt-in audience. Each movie featured on Prescreen will live on the site for just 60 days. On Day 1, the movie will cost just $4 and a user will have up to 60 days to start viewing the film. On Days 2 - 60, the price of a stream via Prescreen will go up to $8 and the user will have fewer days (60 minus whatever day of release you are in) to start viewing the film. Though a moviegoer has up to 60 days to begin watching the film, ‘renting’ on Prescreen is similar to that of any of the other mainstream steaming services - once a user starts to stream, they'll only have 48 hours to completely view the film.

In an earlier (April 13th, 2011) guest post for Ted Hope's irreplaceable blog, Orly Ravid wrote about several other "new platforms and toolkits that allow filmmakers to sell or rent their films directly to fans."

If you are a filmmaker and you're curious about the Distrify toolset, the EggUp publishing platform, the Groupees platform, or Stonehenge (embed your film in a custom app, and then - if they accept you - distribute your app via the iTunes and Android Markets); Orly's post is a great resource.

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