Ed Burns is Famous. You Are Not.

"Ed Burns is pioneering a new approach to distribution [and] you should absolutely pay attention. But don't believe that what works for Ed Burns will automatically work for you. He is famous and you are not."

This quote is from an insightful Film Courage blogpost by Lucas McNelly - who applauds the distribution innovations that Ed Burns has recently adopted, while recognizing the marketing advantages that come with being Ed Burns. Lucas is self-distributing his own film, Blanc de Blanc (faithful readers will note, self-distribution is often a misnomer, for example Lucas McNelly is "self-distributing" with the help of Distrify). Lucas McNelly's blogpost points out - and even suggests how to overcome - some of the marketing hurdles still facing previously unknown filmmakers.

In short, if you're not currently married to a supermodel and you didn't use to date Heather Graham, read this article.

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