5 Time-Saving Tools For Content Curation

With all the content streaming from online new sources, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Is it possible to stay informed - without devoting hours each day to deleting unwanted email and sifting through countless blogposts, as well as hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts? Has anyone come up with a strategy (or a cool app) for cutting through the clutter and curating the online experience? The answer is yes...

In a June 24th, 2011 blogpost, Shashi Bellamkonda identifies 5 personal new-service tools (Google News, Summify, Paper.li, News.me, and XYDO) that can help you to create your own online newspaper, with selected news (only about certain topics that are of special interest to you), and even info about what your friends are reading. I'm especially taken with XYDO - but Shashi apparently uses all 5 tools.

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