10 Things to Remember: Cross-Platform Media

Rob McLaughlin, head of the National Film Board of Canada's interactive team, has been speaking at conferences and festivals about their new media endeavours - including Out My Window (trailer above). In this NFB.ca blogpost, Rob and his team have put together a list of 10 things to remember when looking to produce cross-platform media. Here's a summary:
1. Pick your spot = "One thing done very well is usually better for your audiences and your budget."
2. Involve the audience.
3. People connect with people.
4. Distribution as destination = "Make it... shareable, embeddable, likable and mobile."
5. The end is just the beginning = "Putting your content online... is only the beginning of your relationship with your audience, not the end."
6. Tailor production values to context.
7. Pay attention to marketers. = "Their work has a lot to teach us about the possibilities for telling stories and growing audiences in the digital space."
8. Tell the whole story.
9. Measure and report meticulously.
10. Stay in the game = "Focus on content that you think can deliver value. And as you step outside a tried-and-true creative process, be willing to get it wrong a few times before you get it right."

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