Battles for Survival Batter the Media Landscape

Since the start of 2011, according to this article in The Wrap by Johnnie L. Roberts, "content owners, producers, distributors, aggregators and tech enablers all over the media landscape have been pitted in momentous clashes, with tens of billions of dollars of revenue at stake."

In his must-read article, Johnnie L. Roberts finds a common thread in 1) why Sony is angry about Amazon's Cloud Drive, 2) New York Times Editor Bill Keller is sniping at Ariana Huffington, 3) movie theater owners are in revolt against DirecTV’s Home Premium, 4) Time Warner Cable and Viacom have sued and countersued each other over the iPad, and 5) journalist Bob Woodward is mad at Google CEO Eric Scmidt. Johnnie L. Roberts sums it all up with just one quote from Michael Nathanson, media analyst for investment bank Nomura: “There’s a pot of money that consumers pay for media; the question is, what will be the [new] splits?”

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