Seth Godin: Figure Out How to Get Paid for What You Make

Seth Godin is my favorite marketing expert and coach. In my opinion - if you're a filmmaker and you don't have an all-rights deal with a major studio - Seth Godin's daily emails should be required reading. One of Seth's gifts is his ability to give general advice that inspires specific actions. Godin's daily posts are targeted at everyone (not just filmmakers) trying to make a living by selling stuff in the 21st Century. Reading a Seth Godin post every day might just inspire a filmmaker (who doesn't exactly know how to proceed into the new world of distribution) into action. Here is a recent example: "Just about every business is limited (and thus valued) by its distribution, by the way it is able to get paid for what it makes. Direct mail is different than a salesforce which is different than retailers... And while the food business attracts tons of enthusiastic people, the distribution challenges are significant. On the other hand, once you overcome the distribution hurdle in a difficult environment, you have the market all to yourself. The dip that's in between you and the amateurs (the dip you got through, congratulations) gives you insulation and enables your business to thrive. As is so often the case, there's no right answer, there's just a choice."

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