Fair Use and a YouTube Video Clip of a Rabbi

On December 15th, 2010, THR, Esq. (the Hollywood Reporter's indispensable legal blog) reported on a developing Fair Use case, where the unpermissioned reuse of YouTube clip has resulted in legal action. Although the case involves only a few seconds of video in a silly comedic sketch (from Jimmy Kimmel's late night comedy show) - the decision here might have far-reaching implications about what can - and can't - be done with a YouTube clip - and perhaps even provide some guidance in the confusing world of "fair use."

As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, the legal action is being pushed by YouTube celebrity (for his manic enthusiasm) Rabbi Dovid Sondik, also known as the "Flying Rabbi." According to the Rabbi's complaint (recently filed in New York Supreme Court), comedian Jimmy Kimmel used a YouTube clip of the Rabbi - without permisssion - to make a joke about reports that LeBron James had met with another Rabbi (Yishayahu Yosef Pinto) for business advice.

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