indieWIRE is a great resource for coverage of film festivals and for reports on the distribution of independent films.

Recently indieWIRE's editors decided they could do a better job of organizing and sharing information for directors and producers who want to familiarize themselves with distribution options. The result is indieWIRE’s Filmmaker Toolkit which includes a variety of resources. Perhaps the most promising feature of indieWIRE's Filmmaker Toolkit is the link to Distributor Profiles. As of August 2010, this page is a work-in-progress. So far indieWIRE has sent a short questionnaire to a number of distributors (inquiring about their operation and history). Now the editors of indieWIRE have begun posting the responses - with links to each distributor’s site. As of August 24th, 2010 only a dozen North American distributors are spotlighted, but eventually this Distributor Profile page could become a one-stop resource - offering insight into most of the different options available to DIY filmmakers. Even if you're self-distributing in all media, this page could give you valuable ideas about the approaches that various distribution companies are taking to getting the films out there.

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