Ted Hope: 76 Ways The Film Industry Is Failing

On May 15, 2009 pioneering indie film producer Ted Hope wrote a blog post he called "38 American Independent Film Problems/Concerns”. One year later, Ted Hope has added to that list with a new blog post entitled "38 More Ways The Film Industry Is Failing Today".

In all, Ted Hope has now listed 76 things he thinks are wrong with the independent film industry. In the last few years, Ted has emerged as a leading voice in identifying the challenges that face independent filmmakers. As an indie film producer myself, I appreciate the work that Ted has done. But identifying the problems is just the first step. Too many filmmakers are waiting for someone else to solve the problems. If we are truly "independent," we must take responsibility. We can't wait for someone else to take action. How are you going to make and market indie films that are relevant and pay back the investors?

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