Free Panel at the Enzian April 16th at 11am

Panel moderated by Randy Finch @ Enzian "the producer is for ... on Twitpic
What makes a good film producer? Is film producing an art or business, creative or financial? What exactly does a producer do? Why are there so many producers on a film? And why do producers have such a bad reputation? These questions (and more) will be addressed by a panel of veteran film producers, who’ve agreed to step out from behind the curtain to discuss the mysteries of the most misunderstood job in the motion picture business. Join two-time Academy Award nominee Richard Gladstein (Finding Neverland, The Cider House Rules, Paper Man, The Bourne Identity, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs), Sylvia Caminer (Love N’ Dancing, Blue Moon, The Deli, Men Lie), Gill Holland (Con Artist, Were the World Mine, Sweet Land, Jump Tomorrow, Hurricane Streets), James Lawler (The Lottery; Don’t Let Me Drown; Lovely, Still), and moderator Randy Finch, UCF film instructor and producer of Outside Providence, Miles From Home, and The Substance of Fire, as they reveal the secret world of film producing.

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