Florida Film Festival Film, The Lottery, Gets Distribution

The Lottery is a feature-length documentary that explores the struggles and dreams of four families from Harlem and the Bronx in the months leading up to the lottery for Harlem Success Academy. This masterful film tells emotional and suspenseful personal stories while also exploring the larger political questions raised by the promise of charter schools. If underprivileged kids can succeed in these schools, why are teachers and community activists so fearful of change?
On April 19th, 2010 indieWIRE reported that Gravitas Ventures had picked up North American VOD rights to “The Lottery” which had just screened at the Florida Film Festival. The film, directed by Madeleine Sackler and produced by James Lawler, will have a theatrical run starting on June 11th (booked via Variance Films) and will be available on VOD beginning July 8th.

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