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The Business is public radio's show about the business of show business. The March 8th, 2010 episode included a discussion about indie film distribution alternatives with Richard Fay (President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution, Summit Entertainment), and two microbudget filmmakers: Thomas Woodrow (Producer, Bass Ackwards) and Anthony Deptula (Writer, producer and actor, One Too Many Mornings).

Bass Ackwards and One Too Many Mornings were both selections in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival's inaugural Next section for low-budget films.

Here is a link to a podcast of the entire March 8th, 2010 episode of The Business and here is a link to a provocative blog post made by the host of this episode, Matt Holzman, after the March 8th episode of The Business aired. Notice that Mr. Holzman thinks that distribution isn't the problem: According to Holzman, indie films don't need a new model for distribution, they need a new model for MARKETING.

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