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"Linking" is connecting from your blog through hypertext to another blog, online news story or website. Links are also the way people find your blog.

When another blogger creates a link to your blog, their readers can click on that link and go to your blog. Similarly, when a reader types a search into Google, you want the link to your blog to be among the first few sites that come up. Here is a post about the ways you can help to make your blog one of the top responses when someone is searching on Google.

Search engines (like Google) rank all the possible responses to a given search. The most highly ranked sites are the ones that are connected to other highly-trafficked sites by links. In other words, Google pays special attention to blogs that link to other blogs and websites. And a blog with lots of links from quality sites will get a higher ranking than a blog without any links.

This explains why bloggers often put a "blogroll" on their blog. A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs you recommend. Google analyzes which sites are driving traffic to each other and the more people who follow links from your blog to other blogs, and vice-versa, the better.

You should also pay close attention to the "headlines" and "tags" you create to describe your posts. Using words that are likely to be searched will tend to increase your ranking on search engines.

And, perhaps most importantly, you should try to get other bloggers to link back to your site. Traffic from quality sites to your site is one of the key indicators search engines look for when deciding whether your blog is going to show up when someone searches on a topic.

How can you get another blog to link to your site?

One way to get other bloggers to link to you is to write an email to the webmaster of a particular blog to let them know that you've created a post that they might want to link to. Give them the URL and tell them how much you like their blog. if they like what you've written, they may post the link. Once their readers start to click on your link, your search engine ranking will go up. If another blogger links to your blog, you get a shot at his or her readers checking out your site. And search engines (e.g., Google) will notice that other quality blogs are linking to you.

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