Excerpt from the Feb. 26th Production Report, filed by Alix Duggins, for Theodore is Dying.

Theodore is Dying is Ryan Pomeranz's UCF MFA thesis film, currently shooting in Scranton, PA.

Background: The crew had 6 days of shooting (Fri. Feb. 19th - Wed. Feb. 24, 2010) in Scranton under their belts. Thursday was their regularly scheduled day off. On that Thursday, Scranton was hit with snow and 30MPH winds. The events listed below happened on Friday, Shoot Day 7:


LOTs of issues today, beginning with difficulty digging cars out and getting them moving. Equipment and crew didn’t make it until shortly after 8.

Picture car would not start this morning for transport to location, the scene was rewritten to take place indoors to avoid continuity issues with snow and fix the transportation issue. New set actually was probably more interesting.

Due to the weather we ran into some problems with out of town actors—the man we had cast as Ben was not able to make the trip. We were able to recast last minute through a contact at the local theater. Worked out pretty well—the actor lived less than a mile away and was there in plenty of time to shoot the scene.

The actress who plays Sandra was also supposed to come this afternoon to reshoot parts of the lost scenes from Tuesday [on Feb 23rd, which was shoot Day 5, shots were erased before capture]. The actress was unwilling to drive but we arranged to pick her up even though she lived an hour and a half away."

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