Interview About Producing an Award-Winning Film on a MicroBudget

Producer of the 2015 indie film Tangerine, Darren Dean, discusses all elements of making the movie; including screenwriting, financing, production and post-production. Nominated for 4 Independent Spirit Awards (Best Feature and Best Director - Sean Baker, Best Female Lead - Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, and Best Supporting Female - Mya Taylor), Tangerine was shot entirely on the iPhone 5!

UPDATE: January 25th, 2018: Darren's latest film as a producer, The Florida Project, this week nabbed an Oscar nomination (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role: Willem Dafoe) after winning the AFI Film of The Year Award. Here's a link to a more comprehensive list of awards nominations and wins for The Florida Project. Congrats Darren!

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