Doc Heads Announces Fund For Finshing Documentaries With International Broadcast Potential

Doc Heads is a London-based group that started in 2009 when five filmmakers decided they wanted to organize a regular meeting of like-minded documentary filmmakers.

After several years, Doc Heads has just launched a private investment fund that will finance up to 40% of the budget of creative theatrical or TV documentaries (with budgets up to £500,000).

The rules of the fund state that projects (remember, they're looking for "high-end documentaries" only) should have 20% of the budget secured from a broadcaster. Funding is intended to help with the final quarter of production and post-production, so applications should be for films that have an experienced team on-board and are at an advanced stage of production.

The application deadline for this round of funding is Sunday September 30th, 2012. Check out the Doc Heads website - where submission requirements and mailing addresses for applications can be found.

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