10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Aren't Working - And What You Can Do About It

In an August 20th, 2012 post to Forbes.com, small business blogger Stephanie Chandler listed 10 common mistakes that small businesses make with social media and how a small business (filmmaker?) might turn things around to achieve better results.

Here is Stephanie Chandler's list of 10 social media mistakes:

1. Lack of Clear Goals
2. Unrealistic Expectations
3. Disconnected from Your Audience
4. Not Blogging Enough
5. Treat it as an Obligation
6. Lack of Direction
7. Missing Cross-Promotion
8. Not Engaged
9. Failure to Build Your Audience
10. Partial Effort

Stephanie Chandler's article is more than a few isolated tips - it describes (albeit in broad strokes) the mindset you'll need to successfully use social media. The big principles that Stephanie Chandler outlines should be committed to memory by every indie film PMD.

So, while it's short on specifics, Stephanie Chandler's overall guidance is well worth reading - especially for it's emphasis on identifying goals and measuring the success of your social media campaign.

For example, Ms. Chandler understands that professional use of social media isn't just about posting to Facebook or Twitter and gaining "likes" - it requires an understanding of the analytics and a true effort to engage with your audience.

To Ms. Chandler's credit, she also acknowledges that social media isn't everything. Facebook and Twitter can help, but only as part of a larger effort that includes traditional marketing techniques ("such as print advertising, PR, referrals, etc.").

Here's how Stephanie Chandler concludes her article: "If you set realistic goals, develop content that appeals to your target audience, and consistently engage with your networks, you will begin to understand the real value that social media can bring to your business."

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