Investing in Film: The NY Times Interviews Investors and Fundraisers About the Benefits and Strategies for Investing in Indie Film

On April 27th, 2012 the NY Times printed an article (that many indie filmmakers will be reprinting for their business plans?) about successfully investing in independent motion pictures.

While Paul Sullivan's reporting explores various approaches that savvy investors employ to guard against loss (e.g., completion bonds, loans against state incentives and diversification), the article also quotes Marc H. Simon, an entertainment lawyer at Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard about the non-financial benefits of investing in indie film: "For the small independent films, the financiers should be investing in the film for reasons other than profit,” Mr. Simon said. “They have to enjoy the experience of being part of the business, of going to the festivals and being part of a very fun industry."

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