Chris Jones: Global Release On All Platforms and On the Same Day

Chris Jones is a London-based filmmaker and educator. On April 27th, 2012, Chris Jones posted a very hopeful article about "the evolution / revolution in [indie film] distribution."

Here's how Chris Jones concludes his manifesto for global, all media day-and-date, collaborative and interactive distribution:

"[O]ver the years, I have seen filmmakers struggle with film technology that was expensive and a genuinely high barrier to entry. MiniDV removed that barrier, and cameras like the 5D MkII and now the Black Magic camera have crystalised that entry point. Desktop editing, proliferation of knowledge on the web, books and training courses have brought tools, knowledge and experience to everyone. Social media has connected us all in a way that we can genuinely help each other and collaborate… We are now in the final furlong… and distribution is the final fence to jump. Make no mistake, distribution that genuinely works for filmmakers and investors is the highest, most challenging barrier to overcome… but it will happen."

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