Make Your Interactions With Your Core Audience "Remarkable"

"Remarkable" means "worthy of comment."

Marketing expert Seth Godin says that "remarkable" service is the key to New World marketing.

If you're a New World Filmmaker, you cannot survive without a core audience that spreads the word (remarks on your work). Your goal, if you are distributing a film outside the studio system, is to provide a service that is beyond the expected: Give your core audience an experience that is "worthy of comment."

Here's Seth Godin's "simple fill in the blank for creating a remarkable service, partnership or experience:

"I was pleased that I got what I paid for, that the food was properly cooked, that they honored their contract, that the roller coaster worked, that there was no trash on the ground and that the staff looked me in the eye. But what really blew me away was _____"

By definition, whatever goes in the blank is an extra, more than you had to do. But what you must do to be considered remarkable. (Remarkable is what we call something we remark on)."

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