David Huang’s BattleSkyVR Demonstrates Flying Through Urban Landscapes

A couple of years ago, my pal David Huang, who was designing and building homes and offices (he was a successful architect) began looking for a new challenge. What if he could build worlds? Inside VR? Problem? David didn’t know how to code for VR. And he found the usual tools for moving around inside game worlds limiting. So David taught himself Unity and figured out how to fly. Pretty much on his own. (His brother, who works on the other side of the Pacific in Silicon Valley, helped after work.) Yesterday, David put Taipei’s mayor into VR, where he flew like a dragon. The VR world? A representation of Taipei. Note: David’s game, BattleskyVR, is available on Steam. It allows for aerial battles (he already offers 3 distinct flying characters - with more in development?). And yesterday David demonstrated that his app can allow even novices to fly over and through an unlimited range of landscapes - real or imagined. So cool!

Click this link to see more of the demo with Taipei’s Mayor Ko flying over Taipei as a dragon!

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