Intellectual Property Rights Homework Due March 17th, 2016


First please read the short introduction to copyright and trademark law that can be reached by clicking this link.


The written homework for March 17th is to write a short business letter seeking to determine who is the point of contact for acquiring the rights to make a motion picture from a literary property (any book you've chosen that might be the basis for a movie).

The sample letter on this page (you can click on it to enlarge it) shows how your business letter should look on the page.

The instructions for what to put in your letter are on the How To Write a Business Letter tutorial which you can reach via this link.

Don't over-complicate this initial business letter. Your job (to start) is to identify who the rights holder is. That's all. You must, however, present a very professional first impression. That means you must study and follow the directions in the How To Write a Business Letter tutorial for how to structure your letter.

Remember: Keep your letter as short and professional as possible.

For this assignment, you are trying to get the answer to one simple question:  Who can help me to find out whether the film rights for ____________  are available?  Accordingly, your letter should start with a simple statement of exactly what you want:  "I am writing to determine if the film rights to ________ are available."

Note: You should finish your letter by telling the recipient of your letter what you want them to do:  "Please let me know who I should correspond with to obtain an option."

NOTE: ALL ASSIGNMENTS FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND CONTRACT NEGOTIATION MUST BE NEATLY TYPED IN ENGLISH. YOU MUST ALSO SPELL-CHECK AND USE PROPER FORMAT (see my blogpost about how homework assignments must be formatted).  This means that for this homework assignment (even though it is not usually part of a formal business letter) I would like you to add the TO: FROM: DATE: RE: info at the top of your letter.


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