Film Marketers! Struggling to Find the Right Big Data Professional? Will Companies Like Experfy Fill a Niche?

Hiring someone who can actually analyze big data is a challenge.

Evaluating the extent and credibility of potential interest in your film using big data is possible, but how do you know whether your consultant is qualified?

Not every IT person is capable of helping you spot meaningful patterns within a vast data set: e.g., Based on Facebook and Twitter posts, does it make sense to put ads for your film in taxis or bus shelters? 

Not every marketing professional can give actionable advice based on social media analysis. 

That's where entrepreneurs Harpreet Singh and Sarabjot Kaur and their start-up, Experfy, see opportunity.

Experfy's goal is to become an exclusive online marketplace where employers and "qualified [big data] professionals" can find each other. What Singh and Kaur hope will make Experfy unique is that everyone who utilizes the site will be required to undergo a selective admission process. Experfy promises that matches will be based on the needs of each employer and an extensive inventory of desired traits and experiences of prospective experts. 

As Sarabiot Kaur told Stephanie Walden for an April 27th, 2014 Mashable piece: "Clients don’t have to sift and weed out people with unrelated expertise — we do it for them."

How will Experfy monetize?

"For now, Experfy takes a cut of each transaction once a project has been completed — Kaur says this percentage is a "moving target," and adds that the platform is experimenting with other forms of monetization. "We are building a full ecosystem around data science; other business models will eventually emerge." 

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