How TeamCrafted Connects With Their Fans (Minecraft Players)

Filmmakers may want to study how online celebrities, TeamCrafted, have built a fanbase by sharing videos of their exploits in world creation and gameplay. 

Notice, in particular, how they describe (around the 32:50 mark, in a conversation about the tools for creating videos) creating and posting videos as "a life skill."

The popularity of Minecraft stems from the open-ended participatory way that the game can unfold. And the popularity of TeamCrafted has to do with the way they've nurtured their relationship with their fans.

Can filmmakers use the online tools for building community as cleverly as TeamCrafted?

As filmmakers, we also build worlds. Can we learn from TeamCrafted about how to interact and foster a sense of community with our potential fans? 

For example, is there a way to share your enthusiasm with others - opening up your sandbox for your fans to play in? Is there a way that a community that values your skills and wants to feel connected with your process can feel more connected through online video? 

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