Behind the Scenes: Using Nudes, Body Paint and the Shape of a Sexy Car To Make a Viral Video

Even if you haven't seen the photograph of a pile of strong naked women contorting their bodies into the shape of a Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio for an ad in the "Body Issue" of ESPN The Magazine, this YouTube video of the body painting and prep work that went into that still shoot will help make you aware of the car.

Is this use of the female form demeaning?  Others may think so - but I don't.

OK, the prevalence of older white males making the decisions is creepy. And the women do form themselves into an object. But, in this video, they don't seem objectified. Their words and actions suggest sexiness in strength, control right at the edge, and pride - which seems to be the theme of the entire Abarth campaign (and not just a coat of paint slapped on to cover up sexism). I'm curious what you think, I also will be watching to see if Abarth sales spike.

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