USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab: Think & Do Workshops

On January 7th, 2013 the website carried a post about the strategies being used at USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab (AIL) to focus "on media, culture, and society as the basis for innovation at the intersection of art, science, design, and engineering."

As someone who aspires to find storytelling opportunities using the new tools of 21st century (all the while looking for opportunities to also become a better educator), I was particularly interested in the Think and Do (T&D) Workshops that the AIL organizes.

While each one of these gatherings (featuring a mix of people from different disciplines) is unique, all the T&D Workshops apparently share two broad goals:

1) Create communities of subject-specific innovators
2) Generate innovations on a specific product or process.

As explained by the AIL's Susan Resnick West: "At the core of our methodology are short creative actions, which we refer to as “spark” activities, designed to springboard creativity. These often require groups to “build” something – to tell a story, create a metaphor, design a model, or prototype an actual product."

Here is a short video, featuring Prof. Henry Jenkins and shot during the Transmedia Branding T&D session:

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