Twitter is Looking for a Manager of TV Relationships

According to a December 25th, 2012 post to techcrunch, the relationship between social media - in this case Twitter - and traditional television continues to evolve. Many followers of this blog already knew that "Twitter is reaching out to TV producers and showrunners to find out ways that it can further integrate with the TV experience. That could mean Twitter-based voting, in the case of some competitive reality shows. It could also mean introducing interactive elements in scripted shows that viewers could use to unlock new content or web experiences."

Here's another (new to me) measure of just how committed Twitter is to having a bigger role in the world where users interact with programming via social media: "One of the positions listed on [Twitter's] jobs site is a “Manager of TV Relationships” position based in Los Angeles. The purpose of the job is to act as a “Twitter ambassador/evangelist to TV celebrities,” getting them to tweet more during their own shows and just in general. But the goal also to work with high-profile showrunners and producers to find ways to integrate Twitter into their programming. One listed responsibility is to “manage and execute a volume of creative content plays with TV talent, such as live tweeting of shows, talent Q&As, and other creative uses of Twitter.”"

Thanks to Lance Weiler for sharing the link.

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