The Fat Girl: Based on this Video, I Think Amye Archer is a Star

I've recently posted elsewhere on this blog about the emotional power of YouTube videos. There is also something to be said about the power of short online videos to amuse, inspire and inform. This video of a reading by Amye Archer, from her (yet to be published?) book, Fat Girl, Skinny - which reflects her anger, pain and bitter humor, even as she meets her weight loss goals - makes me want to see more (make?) YouTube videos with Amye. Smart and honest are always intriguing - and stories like Amye's are too rarely told on film.

Thanks to Martha Frankel (in her own right, author of a great memoir) for the link to Amye's blog.


Amye Archer said...
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Amye Archer said...

Randy, (wow, I can't even comment properly.) This is so awesome. Thanks so much for the support! I'm sure fat girls everywhere are cheering right now!!!

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