Content Marketing Case Study: DC Shoes and Ken Block's Gymkhana FIVE

Filmed over four days on the streets of San Francisco, this eye-popping video (which launched on Monday July 9th, 2012) was financed by brands that are counting on "viral" spread to market their products - rather than traditional paid ads on TV or in magazines.

Specifically, DC Shoes and other sponsors forked over financing - giving director Ben Conrad and driver Ken Block the opportunity to make this incredible Gymkhana video. Why? In the hopes that the core audience for DC apparel would spread the video to their friends - and that the association with this amazing drifting video would build loyalty to the brand.

As of this posting (11:30am EDT July 9th, 2012) the video has 305 views. The sponsors are clearly watching that number - and other metrics - to see what sort of return they can get for their investment.

It must have been a logistically intense and expensive video to produce. And the sponsors are clearly hoping for a return. But this isn't a traditional ad, and ROI will measured by many numbers - not just any immediate increase in shoe sales.

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