Doctor Glamour

Doctor Glamour (Trailer) from Andrew W. Jones on Vimeo.

This is a trailer for the eye-popping 15 minute film written and directed by Andrew Jones, with production design and special effects by the James and Robert Dastoli and cinematography by John Heppe - all former UCF Film students. Doctor Glamour might be described as a steampunk Rocky Horror. The film follows the bizarre adventures of Walter Gilman - a young science student played by Chris Shields (also a UCF Film grad) - as he pursues a beautiful young woman he's just met who's been abducted by a giant squid. On his quest, Walter is assisted by Doctor Glamour (John Charles Meyer), a rock and roll god who knows how to navigate the surreal dreamscapes and provides the tools Walter needs (who doesn't need a steampunk ray gun?) to battle the squid and discover the true identity of the beautiful Eve Walpurgis (Priscilla McEver). On July 1st, 2012, writing in the Huffington Post, George Heymont said: "There is so much imagination, animation, music, and exuberant fun packed into 15 short minutes that there is no way for any reasonable person to resist the charms of Doctor Glamour." Here's a link to Doctor Glamour's webpage - where you can find out about screenings etc.

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