Tablets Are More Than A Second Screen (Used While Watching TV): For Comedy and Music, Tablets Are Becoming an Alternative to TV

According to an April 17th, 2012 report from Viacom, tablets are not just part of (the second screen phenomenon (watching TV and using a second device simultaneously): Tablet owners are also starting to watch certain genres of full-length TV shows entirely on their tablets.

Drawing on interviews with more than 2,500 people (ages 8-54), the Viacom study found that viewers are starting to use their tablets for viewing full-length TV shows - with the audience favoring comedy and music on their tablets. Apparently desktops are losing ground as users switch to tablets as the preferred platform for viewing entire episodes of TV shows online: The Viacom study shows that for viewers 18-24 (who are the most active game players and TV show viewers on non-TV devices), tablets are actually cutting into desktop TV show viewing.

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