Hughes The Force: Happy Geek Pride Day

To commemorate the release of the first Star Wars film on May 25th, 1977 (35 years ago today - am I really that old?) here's a very polished mashup of John Hughes' films (especially Weird Science) and Star Wars entitled Hughes The Force. Don't be put off by the intro from Silent Bob - Jason Mewes - and the filmmaker - J.C. Reifenberg. Hughes The Force gets off to a slow start, but this is a very good way to commemorate Geek Pride Day 2012. For more info about Hughes The Force (including lavish bonus features like a full-color prequel comic) click this link. And for more Star Wars fun, follow this link to my recent blogpost about another George Lucas tribute, the manic Star Wars Uncut which can be viewed in it's entirety here.

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