Disney-ABC's Companion Programming: Transmedia Storytelling Moving Forward?

In a Dec. 2nd. 2011 blogpost, Daisy Whitney discussed how a major TV production company is experimenting with new production processes for online video that will roll-out alongside ABC Family, Disney Channel and ABC primetime programs.

Until recently, the Disney-ABC digital media studios group had been producing traditional behind-the-scenes material, interviews, and derivative Web programming for ABC shows such as Lost and Cougartown. Chris Thomes, VP digital media studios at Disney-ABC TV Group, now says the paradigm is changing: “We want to get in early, work with the show runner and the production company and make sure we have a digital strategy for that show so we’re not playing catch up...What it can do is... extend our stories earlier in the process whereby everybody can get behind it and it can be woven into the fabric of a show’s production. We can be proactive.”

Could this early and ongoing integration (online with the over-the-air) be another step toward a future of ubiquitous storyworlds - that play out over all platforms?

Thanks to Taryn O'Neill and Simon Pulman for tweeting the link.


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