Seth Godin on The Revolution of Media Choice

In the New World of media choice, the traditional roles are blurring or disappearing entirely. The audience no longer depends on broadcasters to schedule and select. In fact, as Seth Godin observes in his insightful Nov. 9th, 2011 post the audience is becoming a source of content, getting "to make waves, not just ride them."

"The idea that someone can program our consumption is becoming obsolete, and fast. The front page of the paper disappears in a digital world, where there is no front page--merely the page I got to by clicking on a link from a friend. The tenth minute of a sitcom isn't necessarily the part that comes after the ninth minute, and in fact, I might never even get to minute nine.

Fifty years ago, the remote control freaked out TV executives. Today, the exception is the linear consumer, the rare bird that sits from the beginning to the end. Weird is in, mass is fading.

In a world of surfers, all you can do is work to make the best wave you can."

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