Don't Call It DIY

"No essential process of filmmaking is so isolated that you can do it (all) yourself:" That's what filmmaker Nayan Padrai says about the process of independently releasing his debut feature, When Harry Tries to Marry.

In an August 25th, 2011 post to Ted Hope's blog, Nayan Padrai explains why he calls it "Direct Distribution" instead of "DIY." The marketing and distribution plan for When Harry Tries to Marry required the services of many professionals - calling this kind of team effort DIY would be misleading:

• Marketing and distribution strategy: Matthew Cohen Creative
• Trailer: Zealot
• Key art: XL
• TVCs: Kinetic Trailers
• EPKs and Music Videos: Dreamline Pictures
• Online marketing team: Brigade Marketing
• Publicist: PMK*BNC
• Music publicist: Flipswitch PR
• Media agency: Callon
• Social media marketing: Advantage and Naqeeb Memon - who worked on Mooz-lum
• Online Sweeps: CFA Promos
• Website: Design Mechanics

• Theatrical booking service: Alerion Services
• Foreign territories: Cinemavault
• VOD and Digital Downloads: Gravitas Ventures and Warner Bros Digital Distribution
• Home video: Viva Pictures
• Soundtrack: TuneCore and CDBaby

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