Michel Reilhac: Transmedia Missionary

Michel Reilhac is currently Executive Director of Arte France Cinéma and Director of Film Acquisitions for ARTE France. He is also one of the most insightful speakers on the New World of storytelling alive. 

In March of 2011, Mr. Reilhac delivered a talk at the Lund Film Academy in Stockholm - focussed on his Ten - OK Twelve - Commandments of Transmedia - that stands as a manifesto - or at least, words to live by - for anyone telling a story in the 21st century. After the first 20+ minutes of lecture, the next half hour of impromptu Q&A is also chock-full of important ideas.

The rules are changing. (For example, the total amount of information currently produced worldwide in 2 days has been said to equal the amount of information produced by all humans from the start of time until 2003.) Listen to Reilhac and you'll get a sense of what these paradigm-shattering changes mean for filmmakers and all storytellers to come.

Thanks to the inspirational Jon Reiss for sharing the link.

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