The Audience, As They Move Around, As a Main Character in Your Storytelling

As some of you know, I've been developing an online story, that starts with the search for a 15 year old runaway and leads to murder, that is currently unfolding through videos embedded into maps.

Visitors to my site, Plant City Stories, are encouraged to search the maps - and real places - to uncover clues. That's why this June 29th, 2011 item in Mashable, about an innovative hack of Foursquare, caught my attention.

If a seven person team working over just one weekend can turn New York City into an enormous game of Risk - just imagine what they could do with the search for a missing girl...

Could we be on the verge of a new form of entertainment? One that combines elements of traditional filmmaking, but also includes clues that are unlocked as visitors to various locations check in?

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