Merch That Tells Your Story for Core Fans

On April 29th, 2011 Jon Reiss posted a link to a story about The IOU Project, a company that makes clothes that feature a QR code. When scanned the code leads the user to an online video about the making of that garment.

So that got me to thinking about making a piece of merchandise (something wearable?) for the core fans of my film that includes QR codes. Would my core fans want a piece of functional merch that includes two QR codes - one about the making of the merch and another that leads to a video about the making of the film? Could you raise money on kickstarter or indiegogo by offering a shirt or scarf with two such films embedded in it? Could this become a way of marketing your film (giving your core audience a tool for showing others how cool your project is?) while supporting sustainable industry and a connection to the artisans?

Thanks to Jon Reiss and designer Kavita Parmar for the inspiration.

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