A Strong Crop of Documentaries, That No One Saw

With hugely entertaining docs like "Exit Through the Gift Shop" (which was distributed by Producers Distribution Group), "Oceans" (Disney), “Waiting for Superman” (Paramount Vantage), “Babies” (Focus Features), "Inside Job" (Sony) and “The Tillman Story” (Weinstein Company); 2010 will be remembered as a year when many great documentaries made it into the theaters. But, according to this January 2nd, 2011 report in the New York Times (based on figures compiled by Box Office Mojo), the combined box office for all the feature length documentaries released in the US and Canada in 2010 barely amounted to $45 million. That meager number roughly matches the box office gross of just one modest horror hit for Lionsgate ("Saw 3D"), and it falls well short of the opening weekend sales for “Megamind,” a middling performer from DreamWorks Animation.

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