Rupert Murdoch's Hypocrisy on Fair Use

Rupert Murdoch wants to change the rules. In the above interview, the mogul behind Fox News laments the "serious" money being lost to people who "steal" his stories. It's clear the grumpy plutocrat is thinking of Google and other services that repackage Fox content. In this interview Murdoch plainly says (see around 4:48) that "Fair Use" could be "challenged in the courts and barred altogether."

Is Murdoch really suggesting that the fundamental right to write and report on the ideas and the expression of others must include a payment for that privilege. Is the biggest media conglomerate in the world about to attack a fundamental right guaranteed under the First Amendment? Or is Mr. Murdoch's bluster simply a tactic, a bluff intended to tip the balance so that a few billion more dollars come his way?

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