FIL 4661 & FIL 6641- Enzian Theater Sponsors a Talk about Sundance 2010

Chris Blanc is giving a free talk this Thursday at the Enzian Theater's Eden Bar at 7pm about his recent Sundance experiences. Chris is the General Manager for the Enzian Theater in Maitland.

In addition to talking about the latest Sundance (the most prestigious American showcase for indie films will conclude its 2010 edition later this week and Chris is just back to Florida from Park City, Utah), Chris will also answer questions and discuss the role of film festivals in general.

This is a great opportunity to meet Chris and to get an overview of the festival experience from an indie film and festival insider.

This event is part of the Enzian Movie Club, which hosts a monthly community gathering and discussion in the cozy setting of Eden Bar. It is free and open to any and everyone who loves watching movies and talking about them with friends. Here is a link to a map.

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