Personal Screens in 3D: The Future of Virtual Work + Play Spaces?

In this video, a "standard desktop computer is reimagined as a three-dimensional workstation of the future."

As described in a July 7th, 2015 Wired article by Kyle Vanhemert: "The project came out of a hackathon at Leap Motion [a small San Francisco-based 3D motion-control and sensing company, that started life as OcuSpec back in 2010], whose nifty gesture-recognizing sensor acts as a sort of finger-scale Kinect for desktop software. Using a prototype Leap sensor, a developer-kit Oculus Rift, and a camera, a team of engineers built an augmented-reality work environment in which regular desktop applications jump out of the computer and into 3-D space."

Wonder what filmmakers will make of the ability to dim out the "real world" (as perceived by the camera) to enter the fully immersive experience of a digital realm at will?

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