8 Classic Storytelling Templates

Don't let the deceptively simple diagrams or the context (an article about making better presentations) throw you off.

There is much that an aspiring screenwriter or film marketer can learn from great oratory.

As it turns out, listening to a master storyteller - while looking at a clear diagram of their story's structure - is actually a great way to absorb essential information about how great stories can be organized.

The three act Hero's Journey template - that most film schools teach - is just one of the variations.

To consider some of the other storytelling structures that many aspiring screenwriters will want to examine, take a look at Ffion Lindsay's November 14th, 2014 incredibly helpful summary of templates for storytelling.

Elsewhere on this blog, I have bashed the outright ignorance and (boring?) old world certainties offered by some famous "screenwriting experts." But I also understand that structure and craft can be (must be!) studied. So I'm deeply grateful for the work Ffion Lindsay has done in compiling these examples of great storytellers working within different structural paradigms.

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