Stop The Presses: White Men Make More Money than Women (or Anyone Else) in Hollywood

If you're not a white man and you're thinking of working at a major studio, you may want to look at the table published in the Dec 1, 2014 edition of The Wrap

This appears to be an internal Sony Pictures Entertainment document - perhaps obtained by Guardians of Peace, or #GOP, a hacker group that took over Sony's computer, email and phone system on Monday November 24, 2014.

No one who knows what's really going on is talking. But the hack may be North Korean retaliation for an upcoming Seth Rogen movie (Full Disclosure: I am not a huge Seth Rogen fan either).

And if I was female (Full Disclosure: Could a woman please explain Seth Rogen to me?) or black, Hispanic or Asian, I'd be pissed (I'm a Caucasian male and I find these numbers, if accurate, troubling). 

Yes, Anthony Minghella's daughter, Hannah (age 35) will earn a very healthy US$1.5 million this year... But why is Stephen Mosko of Sony Pictures Television earning US$7.3 million - nearly twice as much as Amy Pascal (US$4.5 million), when she is Sony Pictures co-chairman and he reports to her?  Same question for Doug Belgrad.

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